Green One

Have you ever gave up on using your reusable straw because it is too hard to clean or you are too lazy to clean it? We proudly present to you, the Green One.

Green One Lab is a Hong Kong-based social design lab, specializing in sustainable product design and development. It is incubated and supported by PolyU Micro Fund.

Their main products are reusable straws which called 「One Pair Straw」 and「One Roll Straw」. Yes yes yes…. Another reusable straws, we knew it. This time let’s see how these straws are different from the others.

Here comes the 「One Pair Straw」. Unlike other reusable straws, it is detachable for easy cleaning. You don’t even need an extra little brush for cleaning and it is also dishwasher safe.

For 「One Roll Straw」,it is soft and flexible. By using TPE, the straw is also anti-dust and more durable. Like the 「One Pair Straw」,it can withstand heat up to 100°c and is dishwasher safe.

For both straws, the tip of the straw are rounded. So, your lips won’t get scratched easily compared to using metal straw. Isn’t it very considerate? They can also be used as a little stirrer for you lemon tea and coffee as they aim to reduce single-use product as much as possible with this 2 in 1 features.

Thanking of what to buy for Christmas gift? Let’s buy your loved ones a 「One Pair」 straw to show your devotion to him/her and the devotion to a zero waste life.

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